Vocabographics is a self-initiated project started soon after my relocation to London, when I started discovering new English-isms.
English language is full of idioms and native speakers use them all the time. The kind of words and sayings you’d never find in a phrasebook, but hear on the street every day.
"The elephant in the room"
"Beat about the bush"
As a visual person, I find that I remember things better if I can draw them. So every time I hear a new saying I sketch it out.
"Out of the blue"
"A dog's breakfast"
So far, Vocabographics has attracted hundreds of followers who are hopefully understanding and using more figures of speech in their everyday conversations.
I add new sketches as inspiration strikes and at the same time I encourage followers to suggest idioms they’d like me to sketch, post their comments or share any similar sayings in their own tongue.
"A Good Egg"
"To Get Cold Feet"