Rainbows for Children with Autism
Rainbows is a specialist nursery provision for children with a diagnosis of autism, located in Brent, North West London. They required a logo that would help their services to stand out in the busy environment of education boards.
Such a direct name overtly evoked the use of multicoloured arches, running the risk of achieving rather uninteresting results.
The solution came by running the logotype over the image, whilst leaving a distance between the coloured shapes and the rounded font. The negative space thus created gives the illusion of the rainbow emerging from a cloud, and a more distinct character to such a common subject.
I chose fonts that create references to educational posters and to the uncertain handwriting of a child.
I also designed a version of the logo with no mention to autism whatsoever, intended mainly for branded materials used directly by children and their parents, such as t-shirts, caps or canvas bags.