Natural Care Products
BRANDING / merchandise
The entrepreneurs behind Take & Easy, a line of natural care products, initially asked me to create a logo for their online business.
The first part of their brand name (take) means bamboo in Japanese, so they wanted to include a reference to the plant in the logo and underline the natural aspect of their products. 
I designed a stylised image and integrated part of it into the types, in order to characterise the words even when used without the round icon.
The founders also asked me to design an image for one of their products, a maplin swaddle wrap with an angel-related theme.
Working on a product related to the strong emotional communication between child and parent was a novelty for me. l probably allowed more instinct and intuition to go in the proposals for the swaddle wrap.
Among other ideas, I submitted a pattern inspired by an object from my childhood - a little wooden angel - which ended up being chosen for the final design of the product.