Laterza Publishing
An ancient giant in the Italian publishing world, Laterza Editori is where I honed my design skills and developed an interest for educational materials.
I was responsible for designing the layout of a comprehensive series of art history books intended for secondary schools. Given that art was the central theme, the publisher specifically requested a strong emphasis on showcasing photographs of paintings, sculptures, and architecture.
To enhance the visual impact, I proposed a consistent size and placement for the images throughout the entire book, reminiscent of art exhibition catalogs. Consequently, the images predominantly occupy the top half of the pages, while the bottom half is dedicated to text, insights, and exercise boxes.
In addition to the text, the books required various monument plans and geographical maps. To fulfill this requirement, I not only created all the necessary vector drawings of architectural elements, plans, and maps for the five volumes, but I also developed unique styles tailored to these materials. Recognizing the importance of maintaining reader focus on the art images, the publisher agreed that a color scheme consistent with the book layout would be an effective approach.