Art History Books
Publisher Laterza is one of the oldest and most renowned publishers in my native Italy. I worked on many of their projects both as an in-house designer and, later on, as a freelancer.
For them, I designed the new layout for a whole series of art history books, to be used in secondary schools.  With art being the topic of the volumes, the publisher asked me to place an emphasis on photos of paintings, sculptures and architecture.  
To increase the impact of imagery, I suggested a consistent size and placement across the whole book, along the lines of art exhibition catalogues.
Therefore, images mostly occupy the top half of the pages, with text, insights and exercise boxes placed in the bottom half.  The text also required several monument plans and geographical maps. 
Not only did I create all of the vector drawings of architectural elements, plans and maps necessary to the five volumes of the series but I also devised ad hoc styles for those materials.

The publisher agreed that a colour scheme consistent with the book layout was an efficient way  to keep the focus of readers on the images of art works.